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Updated: 2/10/2016 04:49:54 PM

Riverside asking for your help in supporting the African Einstein Initiative
Riverside Soccer Club
Help Support the African Einstein Initiative 
This weekend Riverside Soccer Club is asking for your help in supporting the African Einstein Initiative.  Anyone can participate by donating any soccer related item(s).  Some are listed below.
Sarah Barczuk, a former Riverside soccer player, and her group from a class at CU Boulder, are looking for soccer-related donations for the African Einstein Initiative. This group’s over arching goal is to promote education in Ghana. Our group specifically is looking to improve the lives of Ghanaian children by supporting their active participation in soccer because soccer not only motivates children to come to school every day, but to continue to stay in school. We are looking for the following things, which can clearly do not have to be in perfect condition:
  • Athletic shoes
  • Soccer cleats
  • Soccer balls
  • Soccer ball pumps
  • Socks (regular and soccer)
  • Water bottles
  • Cones
  • Small goals
  • Pennys
  • Any other soccer supplies (clothes, equipment, sports bags, etc.)
Thank you so much for whatever you can donate! Anything will help!

Please bring your soccer items this Saturday to Riverside Soccer Club and help support a great cause.  They will be collecting from 9:00am onwards and will be located in the middle of the complex.  If you can't make that day, please drop off your items at the RSC office before Saturday.
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