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Updated: 2/10/2016 04:49:54 PM

Helping Out the Homeless

Riverside Renegades U16's girls team volunteered their services to help cook and serve dinner for over 80 homeless seniors at the Senior Support Services Shelter in Denver.  The event was a huge success and all the girls had such a great time.  Kasey South, a member of the team said "It was great to be involved in a community project where we could give back something to those that needed it the most."

Coach Dell had this to say after the event "It was a huge thing for our girls to do, not knowing what to expect and coming out of their comfort zones, definitely something all of them can be proud of.  When it was time to leave the girls wanted to stay and chat with the homeless.  It certainly was an eye opening experience and one which everyone involved can be proud of."

Coach Dell also expressed his thanks to the parents on the team for helping make this happen and preparing some dishes for all to enjoy.

If your team is interested in doing something similar, please email for more information. 

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