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Success in competitive sports takes a great deal of commitment.
Success in competitive sports takes a great deal of commitment.
Typically, a player trains three times a week, plays games on
Saturdays, competes in three or four tournaments a year, plays indoor
soccer during the winter, plays 3 vs 3 over the summer, and
participates one or more Skill camps. In addition, players are asked
to hone their skills at home. Soccer isn't the only activity in which
these young players spend their time, a player's most important job is
attaining a higher level education that will enable him/her to succeed
in the career field of choice.

Today's youth are being challenged academically and are expected to
achieve at a higher level of education. It is becoming more difficult
for these young athletes to balance their time between family, school,
sports and friends. It takes a lot of self-discipline, hard work,
sacrifice and support to find success. Although individual
self-discipline is the key to success, surrounding influences help
guide each individual along the way.

At the 2011 RSC Annual Kickoff Banquet, RSC coined the motto "We are
one!" Looking back on the past year, it is clearly evident that the
RSC members took this to heart. The players cheered each other on to
improve their game and supported each other as friends and mentors.
Parents and families have set a great example for these young athletes
to follow. These kind acts of encouragement and support from parents,
coaches, players and all others involved creates a very positive and
safe environment for every child to grow as a soccer player and an
individual. This positive environment promotes confidence and high
self esteem to help allow each individual to reach their highest

The U13 Riverside Renegades Boys team understand this well. With the
support of their teammates, parents and the "RSC family" much has been
achieved in their short competitive soccer career and are moving up
the ranks quickly. Last season the team claimed the league title with
an 18-0 record, won the Broomfield tournament and placed second in
both the Steamboat and Storm tournament. Their Presidents Cup
appearance was their biggest achievement on the soccer field. The team
went into the tournament being the lowest ranked team, but came out
winning their division and moving to the semi finals. With a narrow
loss against a top premier 2 team (three divisions higher in league)
the team ended up with the third highest point total in the
tournament. With their success on the soccer field the amount of time
and energy the team puts into mastering their skills and abilities is

The team's most impressive achievement was their educational feats. Of
the fourteen boys currently on the roster, eleven of these players are
on their schools' Honor Role with a GPA of 3.0 or higher; nine of the
eleven received the High Honors with a GPA of 3.8 or higher. It is NOT
easy to make Honor Role and is much more difficult to accomplish with
the extra activity we commit to. These players are bright individuals
and should be very proud of their achievements! Congratulations to
these young individuals for all their hard work and pursuit of
excellence on and off the soccer field. We wish them the very best as
they grow.

A special thanks goes out to all those who have helped support these
student athletes achieve so much! RSC is proud to have so many members
setting a good example for all the young individuals within the club
and encourage all players to reach for their highest potential on and
off the field.

Written by Steven Drake

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